Virtual Exhibition

Dear Exhibitor, 

Have you ever imagined investing in a five-day event / congress and being able to have your booth visited by education professionals, managers, parents and students 40 days before the event started and another 20 days after the event?

How many events you have exhibited where the participants or the congressmen could, from the moment of the registration, identify the areas and products of greatest interest and their contact, the contact of your company, your promotional material, videos, pamphlets, etc. be automatically separated and stored in the folder of these participants with the greatest potential to acquire their product?

How many national events can you effectively advertise your product to the entire national territory, with the possibility of having your potential consumers connected to your homepage?

Educa VR360 aims to be different, current, interactive and disruptive in all areas of education.

Come and be part of this history of education congresses in BRAZIL, join your brand to everything that is most modern, overcome territorial barriers, be with your booth online and interactive with your audience for 5 but in these 65 days of the EXPO 360 in the Congress Educa VR360.