The Student Forum will take place on the 23rd and 24th of April during the EDUCA VR 360 Education Congress in an online format and presents an open invitation for the participation of students attending Brazilian educational institutions at all levels.

National scenario: in Higher Education in Brazil we now have more than 8 million students enrolled in about 200 universities, 2.407 institutions with more than 34 thousand undergraduate courses. In basic education in Brazil we have about 184 thousand schools.

In this space, the students of these institutions will have the opportunity to contribute effectively to the National Education through the report of a successful experience developed by students of this community (School, College, University).


Through the experience gained by students in the implementation of the project, it can make a great contribution in the Brazilian Education as it can help students / students who have similar problems that can benefit from the exchange of information and knowledge.
The best works will receive the prize:

Educa VR 360 - Innovation in Education Trophy.


Students Area near the School: Give visibility to the excellent work that has been developed in your institution of education and share your best successful projects with thousands of other Brazilian Schools that can benefit.
Students, come to the forum, bringing contributions and taking ideas that can be adapted and customized in your educational institution.

Get in touch with other students who have developed smart and innovative projects and strategies that have delivered results in their schools.

This forum seeks to focus on an even greater goal: the search for intelligent and effective solutions to help solve problems related to the management of educational institutions in our country.

Here's how to participate:
1) As a participant in the Student Forum event.


2) As a Pupil in a Teaching Institution where you attend (from Elementary to University) sending Success Cases in which you student has contributed effectively to improving the school environment. Students in the 21st century have a participative role in the School and contribute ideas and projects that result in a productive partnership (School-teachers-parents-students). Give visibility to your success stories, come and introduce those you have devised, within your family or with other colleagues at the School. Remember that your successful experiences can contribute to solving similar problems that other students like you experience in other teaching institutions throughout the country.