Come and participate in the virtual congress

At Educa VR 360, you will be able to select and attend about 140 scientific activities (lectures and panels) with experts discussing current topics in education, such as literacy, assessment, curriculum and curricular innovations, basic education, special education, comprehensive education, professional and technological education, higher education, teacher training and development, gamification, school and academic management, active methodologies, motivational, neuroscience and neuroeducation, research, public and educational policies, innovative school practices, educational psychology, robotics, educational technology and innovative technologies.

There will also be a forum of managers, forum of the secretariats of education, forum of fathers and forum of students.


The Educa VR360 in its 4 forums will give spaces for all managers, secretaries of education, parents and students to submit their successful experiences, in the format of CASES OF SUCCESS, for appreciation and selection of the best, that will be presented there. In Brazil we have countless successful experiences that serve as examples, model and inspiration to solve similar problems. We want to give voice and opportunities to all who make a difference in national education.


You can visit the exhibition space and get the catalogs, contacts, etc. of all those who are selected in your area of ​​preference in MY PAGE, to be separated and stored in your "congress bag."


You can make a personalized and virtual business card, which will facilitate your networking before, during and after the congress.


Welcome ... we hope to count on your effective participation in this education event that promises to be different, current, interactive and disruptive.