To carry contents of high relevance in the education, contributing with the construction of the knowledge of all the interested ones, independent of the distances. Break paradigms, be current, virtual and disruptive, with presentation of collaborative content totally online!

To bring together, in the same virtual space, all the actors that lead the educational universe.

Be and make a difference, be virtual, totally online in all your activities.

Be current, using technology, social media, the internet, to bring to all those interested in education current topics presented by expert speakers in their areas.

Be interactive, favor exchanges of information, questioning, positioning, networking ... all this without leaving home.

To be disruptive, that is, to break down barriers, to facilitate access to information to all those who can benefit from it, eliminating barriers that may prevent the participation of all those interested in the subject of education, bring lectures, lecturers, forums, managers, secretaries of education, parents and students to an online universe and socialize information, discussions, exchanges, updating.