Welcome to EDUCA VR360
Dear friends and colleagues,

EDUCA VR360 is an online platform consisting of multiple events in education.

Different, Current, Interactive and Disruptive!

Come join these online events in a full immersion in Virtual Reality.

We are looking forward to the enthusiasm and virtual online presence of everyone at EDUCA VR360.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of Educa VR360, we welcome all of you at this national education event.
The theme "EDUCA VR360 - Different, Current, Interactive and Disruptive" reminds us of the importance and necessity of making the 21st century EDUCATION different, current, interactive and disruptive. We want all the actors who are part of this great spectacle in the search for knowledge to interact, discuss, divulge, learn, socialize, improve, breaking territorial barriers and providing that ALL, without exception, can be connected in this great event, fully interactive.

These events are being organized in partnership with experts in education, management, technology. The goal is to bring together experts from all walks of life, as well as students, parents, and education secretariats to provide meaningful interaction and a unique opportunity for information exchange.

This interaction will be carried out through various activities such as conferences, panels with experts, forum of Secretaries of Education, managers, parents and students. We will also have the exhibition of products and equipment from various areas of education, as well as presentation of free themes and presentation of cases and successful experiences in any of the thematic areas of the congress.

The Educa VR360 will be connecting all education professionals, parents and students, through the portal . It will certainly be great events that will contribute to the growth of all involved and committed to advances in education.

Organizing Committee

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